Refill Using App

Download ‘N-Telecom’ App

Open the app and Verify your number.

Tap on the menu bar on the top right-hand side
and change your language setting.

Once logged in, you can see your
call/text/data usage.

Tap on My Account Info.
to see you plan and optional services.

Once the amount you charged runs out,
you need to recharge to continue using the phone service.

Tap on Refill to recharge by credit card.

Tap on Credit Card.

Type in your credit card information.

Select the amount you want to refill. (won)

You can also refill by issuing a virtual account.

Once you have your virtual account number issued,
you can send money to the account.

You can only send
10,000 won/30,000 won/ 50,000 won/100,000 won
at a time.

For example, if you want to put 40,000 won,
you have to charge
10,000 first, and 30,000 won again separately.